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Online Access & Technology

online access technology

Once records have been taken offsite it is very important that the whereabouts of these records is constantly maintained and recorded. When the need comes for accessing important information, you want to make sure you can quickly access this information.

Barcode Technology

Commercial Record Center uses barcode technology to scan and track all incoming and outgoing records. We can barcode your records by each carton, or down to each file within the carton. Our secured and reliable system will track all of your confidential records and their location no matter what or where they are. This process begins from the moment CRC picks up the cartons, until they are ready to

Web-Based Client Access

Through our web-based client portal, customers have the ability to manage their inventory. Each customer is able to create a security list of employees who are allowed to access the database. You can allow these employees full access, or limit their ability to only view certain departments. Each approved employee on the security list will be given their own Username and Password for added security. Within the database you will be able to access inventories, add and request inventory, view inventory reports as well as invoices, and view open and past work orders.