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Document Storage


Commercial Record Center provides secure offsite document storage services. With office space shrinking and costs at a premium, storing your sensitive office documents onsite can be costly. Storing sensitive employee and financial information onsite can also be a concern for data breaches.

Today more and more clients our looking for safe, secure, and efficient offsite document storage centers to store and maintain their sensitive records.

Secure, Efficient, and Convenient Offsite Storage

Commercial Record Center specializes in providing an efficient, secure and convenient location for storing offsite records and files.  We go beyond storing records to offer a complete records management solution, including fast, accurate computer assisted carton or file retrieval and delivery. 

Computer indexing is integrated with management reports that show you exactly what you have in storage, identify the cartons and their contents by title, date and show the destruction dates you have assigned.  Nothing is ever removed or destroyed without your specific instructions.

When you choose Commercial Record Center for off-site records storage, you control access to your company’s archives and most important business documents.

We offer:

  • Fast, convenient and reliable access by a select list of company designated personnel
  • A team of professionals that are both bonded and have received security clearance
  • Safe and secure storage facilities
  • Our team at Commercial Record Center will systematically convert the contents of your record storage areas to our secure management facility
  • Records cartons are indexed into the CRC computerized control system, labeled and placed in secure quick-access areas
  • We proactively help you manage your records in terms of their projected destruction dates, keeping your costs in control.

Local Customer Service

Unlike most warehouse operations, CRC provides you with a total service concept.  Cartons or files ordered for retrieval in the morning will be delivered that afternoon. Cartons or files ordered in the afternoon will be delivered the morning of the next business day.

Our customer service representatives our available throughout the day to assist clients with any issues. Our objective is to provide you with professional service and unlimited space for the control and flow of your off-site records.