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File Level Indexing


How you store and retrieve records can vary depending on how often you need to access information. Within these variations, you will have different needs of indexing your information. If you need to access the entire carton, or just certain files within the carton, will determine how you want to setup the indexing. CRC can index your information within our secure database from individual carton information, all the way down to each individual file within that carton.

File Indexing for Fast Access

Using our advanced document management software, CRC is able to index your records to the container level or file level for each file in the container to better your needs. Using barcodes we are able to track the retrieval history of each file. This allows our clients to quickly request a specific file, instead of the entire carton. These files can then be easily identified by examples of the following:

  • Type of File
  • Department
  • Destroy Date
  • Description
  • File Span
  • Patient Name/Number

On request, CRC personnel can assist you to number and inventory your records to get them ready for offsite storage. Information can be easily uploaded via spreadsheets, and imported into our database. Once imported, customers are able to access a complete listing of their file inventory. From here you have the ability to request a specific file, and we can deliver it to you via secure transportation or scan on demand. This is one of many ways CRC can help you keep organized and in compliance.