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Specialty Storage


Smaller office space not only creates a need for storing your important documents offsite, but this can also create a need for all sorts of various storage items in need for a secure offsite facility. For excess inventory, equipment and supplies, Commercial Record Center has the capability to store and manage specialty and oversized items as well. This can include office furniture and equipment, construction blue prints, trade show booths and materials, and much more. All items are stored in our securely monitored facility, and can be delivered via client request.

Added Space with Ease of Mind

Having additional warehouse or office space can be very valuable to an organization. With CRC’s specialty storage capabilities, you can safely and securely store these items offsite eliminating your need for extra space. We have 24 hour security, with a web based inventory management system allowing easy control and access to your inventory. We have transportation equipment available making your inventory easily available to you. Whether you need it next day, or within a couple of hours, we are here for you.