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Digital Retrieval


If your long term records are not going to be accessed often, you may be fine keeping them in paper form. If the need comes up for a document to be retrieved, CRC can provide a digital retrieval.

Scanning all of your documents may not always be the best scenario for every situation. Commercial Record Center works with companies to provide solutions for their many different needs. For records that need to be accessed more often and quick and conveniently, we offer a variety of solutions.

Retrieve Your Document Quick and Secure with Scan on Demand

Scanning all of your paper documents can be very costly. Sometimes you may only need certain files or records within a carton converted from paper to a digital format. For documents currently being stored at Commercial Record Center that have to be accessed quickly, we provide our scan on demand service.

Files can be quickly retrieved from our secure records center. Scanned into digital images. Then sent via email or uploaded to our electronic content management software through our secure servers. With scan on demand, clients will see an increase in work efficiency while reducing operating costs.