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Project Scanning

project scanning

Project Scanning Services

Are an overwhelming amount of paper files slowing you down throughout the day? How often are you digging into file cabinets to retrieve time sensitive documents? It is said that on average an employee spends 1.8 hours of their day searching for information. Commercial Record Center provides project scanning solutions to turn these hard to find paper files into easily accessible digital files.

Outsourced Scanning Conversions

Converting large amounts of paper files into digital files can be very time consuming and costly for a small to medium sized organization. An employee’s time throughout the day is very valuable to the bottom line of any organization. CRC works to develop an outsourced scanning solution which fit both your needs and budget for large scanning projects. CRC’s project scanning solutions will help your organization:

  • Reduce onsite storage
  • Make files easily accessible
  • Improve productivity and reduce costs

Paper to Digital

When you are ready to begin your scanning project, CRC will work with you to develop and implement a cost effective strategy. We can pick up your boxed paper documents from your facility, and store them securely at our facility. From here we will prep your documents removing all clips and staples, while preparing them to be scanned. We will then scan your documents into digital format, and will make them available for you via thumb drive, cd, or online document management software.