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Scan vs Store Comparison


Which documents to scan vs store?

With more and more records starting out in a digital format, the question often comes up…Which documents to scan vs store offsite as paper. When making the decision on what you need, you need to ask yourself several questions.

  1. What types of documents do you currently have?
  2. Who many cartons of records do you need to keep?
  3. How often do you need to access these records?
  4. How long do you need to keep these documents?

These are just some the questions which will help you gain a better understanding of which documents to scan vs store. The cost to turn paper documents into digital form can be costly if not done properly. CRC works with clients to develop a records management plan that fits both your needs as well as your budget.

Active Records

For documents that you have labeled as being active records, a scanning solution may be right for you. The frequency you need access to these files, coupled with the amount of different groups of people who need to access them, will determine whether you should store these in paper form or scan them. If the records are being accessed frequently by multiple people then a scanning solution will more than likely be cost effective for your company.

CRC scanning services provide secure, efficient, and instant access to your important business documents. These documents can be saved to a thumb drive or cd, or uploaded to our secure web access portal. Whether you decide to store hard copy offsite, or scan them into a digital format, CRC has the right solution for you.