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Workflow Scanning


A business needs smooth day-to-day workflow in order to operate efficiently. There is a lot of information that needs to be processed and retrieved in a timely manner. Paper intensive processes are more prone to errors and delays during operational activity. Commercial Record Center works with clients to help improve productivity, quality assurance, and privacy compliance through workflow scanning.

Benefits of Workflow Scanning

CRC assists clients by helping them achieve their document scanning workflow requirements. There are many benefits to workflow scanning including:

  • Enhanced Security – reduce the risk of
  • Cost Reduction – Free up your employees time for more important tasks
  • Improve company auditing and report
  • Improve File Access – Quickly and easily access your digital data

With CRC’s workflow scanning solutions, we work with your organization to increase productivity, enhance security, and reduce costs all while eliminating manual tasks which are more prone to errors and inefficiencies. Contact CRC today for a free consultation regarding your current business processes.

How To Get Started

When you are ready to outsource your important business records, CRC will be available to assist you throughout the entire process. Once it is determined which records you need to keep, just box them up (we can even supply the cartons) and CRC can securely transport them to our offsite facility. We will then inventory your cartons into our secure database, and carefully keep track of them using our efficient barcode system. When you are in need of any of your cartons or files, retrievals can be made via phone, email or online with same-day, next day or emergency delivery. You can have peace of mind knowing your confidential business records and safe and secure with CRC